When it comes to video production I'm a generalist. I can write, shoot and edit a project by myself or get a crew together and really put on a show. So some days it's me and my camera... Other days it's a full-on production with catering. Catering is an important indicator of the seriousness of the project, right after the choice of camera, of course running a camera is my love. Setting up a shot that gets to the heart of the matter is my goal, no matter the size of the project. It starts days before I arrive on set.
If you're lucky enough to still have a video store in your town or neighborhood, and most likely you don't, you should pay it a visit. Renting movies from the video store isn't as easy as streaming a movie, but it's more of an adventure.
Every September – when kids go back-to-school and the weather shifts from Summer into Autumn – the State of Oregon reminds me of two things: to update my business registration and of how long Craftmaster Productions has been around... We've been incorporated since 1998 – which means that we made it through 16 years of being in business with the help of some loyal clients, a smattering of new clients and some luck. If we have a secret-sauce of success I'm not sure what it is. I do have some ideas of what the ingredients are: we provide a value for