How to get the perfect drone shot for your next video

The drone craze isn’t going away and in fact, drone shots are now a part of many videos and will continue to be so for a long time to come. Drones offer the ability to take your audience to places its never been and add depth to your story.

5 facts about 4K video that you need to know before you shoot

Craftmaster Productions shoots 4K video. It’s a great addition to our arsenal of creative professionals, cameras, lenses, and lighting that we use to make you look good anywhere.

Should you make 360 degree videos for your business?

What are 360 degree videos? A 360 degree video allows a viewer to watch a video in all directions: up, down and side to side. The technology attempts to mirror the feeling of being in an actual environment. How well 360 degree videos do that is open to question.