Recess was my favorite part of second grade. Lunch was another highlight of the day. When the two were combined into an all day field trip to the Pt. Defiance Zoo I couldn't sleep the night before from excitement. Who wouldn't be excited: you got to ride on a bus, explore a new place and drink one can of pop. The only time I was ever allowed to drink pop was on holidays and on field trips. It took me twenty minutes to pick out one can of artificially flavored Black Cherry Cragmont pop at Safeway. It was warmed to
  Who doesn't like to play outside? It's one of my favorite activities. If I have the opportunity to combine it with a camera expedition, so much the better. A couple of weeks ago my wife and I made the trek to one of the most beautiful spots in Oregon, White River Falls, to experiment with a new camera. The images in this blog are stills pulled from it. The car trip east on I-84 from Portland through the Columbia River gorge to White River State Park began a day in the study of contrasts. The drive begins on the
Stock images have a place in video projects, but they need to be used judiciously. They often work just fine, especially when you're telling a story about objects, places and concrete ideas. I've used stills, illustrations and videos in many projects. I've also been on the hunt for stock imagery for days only to find one that still needs extensive digital manipulation to work and even then would be better left on the metaphorical cutting room floor. That's when I choose to lose the image, rewrite the script to work around the issue or re-cut the video using a little
There are seven rules in my world and they must be followed. I tried to make up ten rules, but only managed to think up seven. That's enough rules for a good blueprint to guide my actions and as time goes on I bet I can come up with three more. The world in this case is a new screenplay. I've written screenplays for years, most of them are gathering dust on my bookshelves. They need rewrites: have plot holes, need deeper characterization, understandable motivations and less explosions. Since I'm a filmmaker too I've been able to foist some of
The 1970's were a turning point in the American movie theater. What used to be called movies became “films” under the direction of filmmakers fresh out of the new film schools and the first blockbuster “Jaws”,which took a huge bite out of the screen and into film history. The art and business of filmmaking changed forever after that. Even as a kid trapped in the Roxy theater watching B movies and exploitation films every Friday night I could feel something was up. I watched movies like “Vanishing Point” which surprisingly Spielberg has said was one of his favorite movies and
A five-minute video is a rarity in our attention deficient disordered age. Even a three-minute video is too long for many viewers. Now a minute-twenty is plenty.   Now, more than ever, every shot must carry more weight of the story you'd like to tell. That's why you need to share as much as possible about your company, product, or service with me. The more you share the more story can be packed into every second of your video.   Seven Things I Want to Know Before The Camera Rolls   There's a form used by ad agencies and production