Over a Thousand Videos Made to Order


Here I am inspirationally looking forward to the future.

Every September – when kids go back-to-school and the weather shifts from Summer into Autumn – the State of Oregon reminds me of two things: to update my business registration and of how long Craftmaster Productions has been around…

We’ve been incorporated since 1998 – which means that we made it through 16 years of being in business with the help of some loyal clients, a smattering of new clients and some luck.

If we have a secret-sauce of success I’m not sure what it is.

I do have some ideas of what the ingredients are: we provide a value for our clients, in that our services aren’t the least expensive, but they aren’t the most expensive either. We keep up with the newest tech tools without compromising on our client’s message.

And we constantly think of how to provide better service with each and every job.

A quick back of the napkin calculation: over a thousand videos made in 16 years. We’ve made everything from simple talking head videos to full blown marketing campaigns. There’s a lot of types and styles of videos between those two ends of the video production spectrum.

We’re generalists and we’re proud of it.

Every project teaches us how to improve old techniques and adds some new ones to our tool kit. More importantly, we get to meet new people and we listen to them. That’s how we tell their story effectively.

We hope to keep doing that long into the future.

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