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Our Story Sahil and Aneta
As superstition says

Friday the 13th is unlucky day for everyone. This holds untrue for Sahil and Aneta. She was hungry after her long day, so she stopped at her go-to grocery store, Whole Foods in Chicago, for a small pick me up. She was feeling the wrath of the unlucky day as many things went wrong for her. Sahil also having a bad day, decided to go downtown that evening, heading out to meet up with friends. Unluckily, his friends ran out of booze, and asked him to stop along the way. Sahil walked inside Whole Foods and grabbed a bottle and on the way out, he spotted Aneta by the apples.

He couldn’t stop looking at her so he kept walking by her looking and hoping to talk to her. Mustering up some courage he said “hello, I see you like apples”, laughing historically, Aneta responds “I do”. After some casual small talk Sahil mentions “there is great apple pie at this restaurant downtown, will you join me tonight”, Aneta agrees, all items where left in the store and together they drove off to the windy city. And the love story began.
Sahil and Aneta on couch
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