The drone craze isn't going away and in fact, drone shots are now a part of many videos and will continue to be so for a long time to come. Drones offer the ability to take your audience to places its never been and add depth to your story. You can fly over scenery, indoor and outdoor, to add a sense of majesty that you can't get with any other shot for narrative films. For the more scientifically minded the drone shot can help access crops, storm damage and the health of forests among its many uses. But, you've got
Craftmaster Productions shoots 4K video. It's a great addition to our arsenal of creative professionals, cameras, lenses, and lighting that we use to make you look good anywhere. Here's the five facts you need to know about 4K video: 1. 4K is bigger than HD video A 4K video image is 9 times larger than HD video. It's nearly 4,000 pixels wide, hence the moniker 4K. The extra resolution of 4K images adds better definition and clarity to the picture. 2. 4K is looks great on very large screens Ideally on a 65-inch screen or even bigger. That said, 4K
What are 360 degree videos? A 360 degree video allows a viewer to watch a video in all directions: up, down and side to side. The technology attempts to mirror the feeling of being in an actual environment. How well 360 degree videos do that is open to question. Although, the concept of 360 degree videos or Virtual Reality (VR) has been around in sci-fi movie and television for a long time, the reality is less romantic. Currently you need to wear headset to feel fully immersed in the video, but you can also use a mouse to look around a scene
For the past couple of months I've been a volunteer writer and photographer for the Concordia Neighborhood Association's newspaper. Neighborhood associations are the heart of neighborhood activities like the upcoming Spring Egg Hunt, cleanups and other events. So, it's a good way to meet my neighbors, keep on top of local issues and help build community in a practical way. Neighborhood associations play an integral role in the governing of Portland, by providing citizen input to the city's elected leaders. They are officially designated and recognized organizations for a specific geographic area with the goal of reflecting the issues and
If you want to tell the complete story about your organization and its efforts, goals and needs writing a press release will only tell part of the story. Press releases can offer statistics, anecdotes and sometimes include a quote from leadership. They provide a broad outline for a potential article, but not an emotional hook. Emotion is where a video essay shows its strength. What is a video essay? It's a short, to the point, story that helps viewers connect to the facts via their emotions. A video essay contains many of the elements of the press release, but instead
Often I am asked how long a video should be for a web video. Short is expected answer. I quickly follow that with a woeful comment about shortened attention spans and mobile devices. And how increased media literacy allows audiences to get it better, faster and faster.Mostly faster. Short is not always the right answer. Here's three questions to help you decide how long a video will keep the attention of you audience. What is your company style? Are you a hipper than thou brand that moves fast or a deliberate brand with a long history. Both can make videos