Craftmaster is a full service video production company. Our goal is to make your story engage audiences on any screen from a cell phone to the big screen.

We work directly with you to craft stories that fit your organization’s brand strategy and move your audiences to action by whether it’s an employee event, a public relations story, or a sales and marketing message.

No matter the size of your company Craftmaster Productions is the right size for you. We provide all-inclusive concept, screenwriting, design and production services through a network of creative professionals. So you always get the team you need for your project.

We can take great care with your project and great pride in every story we tell. Our production methods and process can save you time, money and worry while ensuring that your story gets noticed in the constant stream of internet videos.

The Principals
Carl Jameson is a seasoned creative professional with experience in production management, advertising, and video production. He uses his camera to find the shot that will emphasize your message in the eyes of the viewer: whether it’s a “how to”, a motivational video, or a commercial spot.

He’s an avid bicyclist and kayaker who has increasingly focused his camera on the outdoors and recreation as subject matters. As a native northwesterner, Carl is looking for ways to help get out the message of how sustainable healthy environments and healthy people go together.

Sharon Jameson has a degree in fine art and graphic arts. She’s able to create the perfect balance of both visually impressive and functional websites. She often acts as a video producer and indelibly stamps her design on graphics and effects for many productions.

If there were more hats to wear Sharon certainly would. She enjoys the outdoors, touring wineries, finding the freshest local foods at farmer’s markets, and picking berries or gathering mushrooms to feed her gourmet cooking addiction and her friends.

The Team
Craftmaster builds the right team for every project. We hire creative professionals from pre to post production that are talented, experienced and play well together.

Our roster includes screenwriters, directors, camera operators, grips, gaffers, sound, make-up, actors, extras and special effect make-up artists. The whole shebang needed to get a project done on time and on budget. In post-production we work with graphic artists, transcription companies, audio houses, color correction specialists and special effects editors to put the perfect finishing touches on your video.

We’re constantly on the look out for new talent, new ways of doing our work and additional capabilities.