5 facts about 4K video that you need to know before you shoot

This image shows just how much bigger 4K video is than HD video.

Craftmaster Productions shoots 4K video. It’s a great addition to our arsenal of creative professionals, cameras, lenses, and lighting that we use to make you look good anywhere.

Here’s the five facts you need to know about 4K video:

1. 4K is bigger than HD video

A 4K video image is 9 times larger than HD video. It’s nearly 4,000 pixels wide, hence the moniker 4K. The extra resolution of 4K images adds better definition and clarity to the picture.

2. 4K is looks great on very large screens

Ideally on a 65-inch screen or even bigger. That said, 4K resolution clearly improves picture quality at pretty much any screen size. Most importantly, though, you’ll only be able to see the resolution difference on a 4K set if you’re 1) watching 4K content through it and 2) you’re sitting close enough.

3. 4K is all about the close up

The up-close factor is one of the reasons 4K computer monitors have become one of the technology’s fastest growing sectors. 4K monitors remain pin-sharp even when you’re just a foot or two from the screen, as you are when you’re sitting at your desk.

4. 4K is the future

We shoot 4K video, but don’t expect to be watching most of your video content in 4K for another two to three years. Netflix has very few titles in 4K, and as you might guess, it takes a ton of bandwidth to stream.

5. 4K is a versatile medium for today

Because of all the extra real estate in a 4k video versus HD video you can perfectly timed zooms and pans during editing. A single camera interview can be made to look like a two camera set up. Using these post-production techniques saves you both time and money during production.

That’s only five facts about 4K video. There’s much more. Give Craftmaster Productions a call anytime and we can go on and on about the benefits of shooting high quality 4K video for your video project.

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