Volunteering to write for the neighborhood newspaper

The Concordia Neighborhood Association's newsletter.

The Concordia Neighborhood Association’s newsletter.

For the past couple of months I’ve been a volunteer writer and photographer for the Concordia Neighborhood Association’s newspaper. Neighborhood associations are the heart of neighborhood activities like the upcoming Spring Egg Hunt, cleanups and other events. So, it’s a good way to meet my neighbors, keep on top of local issues and help build community in a practical way.

Neighborhood associations play an integral role in the governing of Portland, by providing citizen input to the city’s elected leaders. They are officially designated and recognized organizations for a specific geographic area with the goal of reflecting the issues and needs of its members.

My wife and I live and work in the Concordia neighborhood in northeast Portland which includes homes, retail business areas and light industrial. We are experiencing, like the rest of Portland, tremendous growth which provides plenty of spirited dialogue about the character of the city and sometimes the character of fellow citizens in no uncertain terms.

The link below is to an article on the demolition and rebuilding of a local elementary school into a world-class institution.

Rebuilding Faubion for the future

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