Storytelling Partners: Video and Press Releases

Dog and human shake on friendship

A human and a dog shake on their friendship.

If you want to tell the complete story about your organization and its efforts, goals and needs writing a press release will only tell part of the story. Press releases can offer statistics, anecdotes and sometimes include a quote from leadership. They provide a broad outline for a potential article, but not an emotional hook.

Emotion is where a video essay shows its strength. What is a video essay? It’s a short, to the point, story that helps viewers connect to the facts via their emotions. A video essay contains many of the elements of the press release, but instead of statistics is based on personal interviews used to illustrate the subject.

The video essay can be an organizational or client success story, or just as likely a story about unmet needs or goals for a non-profit. The story might be loosely scripted, but the subject, the interviewees, images and the locations reinforce a company’s brand message.

Sending out a video essay and a press release at the same time can help shape the story for reporters and bloggers who are interested in your subject matter. Their audiences can be inspired to take action based on the emotional connections made while watching a video essay.

That said, it’s important to remember that a well written press release gives the reader more than the one or two takeaways that video offers. The press release can be read and re-read to offer more insights on the facts of the matter. The press release and the video essay working together create a well-rounded story about your brand.

Plan to put both press releases and video essays on your 2016 editorial calendar. Give yourself enough time to create and release both in a timely manner. In some cases, like evergreen content, creating the press release, then releasing a video essay at later date with a blog post based on that press release is a good use of your marketing dollar.

Not surprisingly, creating video essays within your brand is a specialty at Craftmaster Productions. It’s what we like to do and what we do best. So, if you need a partner to create stories that resonate with your audience and that get seen where they need to be seen drop us a email or give a us a call.

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