3 Questions to Help You Make the Perfectly Long Video

Picture Start copyOften I am asked how long a video should be for a web video. Short is expected answer.

I quickly follow that with a woeful comment about shortened attention spans and mobile devices. And how increased media literacy allows audiences to get it better, faster and faster.Mostly faster.

Short is not always the right answer.

Here’s three questions to help you decide how long a video will keep the attention of you audience.

What is your company style?

Are you a hipper than thou brand that moves fast or a deliberate brand with a long history. Both can make videos that are appealing to contemporary audiences and reinforce their brand through the length and depth of their videos.

How complex is your subject?

Is your subject about kittens or rocket science? The fact that kittens are cute is obvious in seconds. How rockets work takes more time…

Who is your audience?

Toddlers and general audiences have short attention spans, but voracious appetites for kitten videos. Rocketeers may need only one long and in depth video to understand their mission.

Finally, a video can only do so much to motivate your audience into action.

A web video needs be surrounded by a consistent brand and have management support. A web page that highlights the video with additional information and supporting documents will promote corporate goals and sales much better than a lonely youtube link on a forgotten site.

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