How to get the perfect drone shot for your next video

When first learning to fly a drone try to find a nice, open, grassy field.

The drone craze isn’t going away and in fact, drone shots are now a part of many videos and will continue to be so for a long time to come. Drones offer the ability to take your audience to places its never been and add depth to your story.

You can fly over scenery, indoor and outdoor, to add a sense of majesty that you can’t get with any other shot for narrative films. For the more scientifically minded the drone shot can help access crops, storm damage and the health of forests among its many uses.

But, you’ve got to learn how to fly one first. That’s where I am at right now. I bought a mini-drone to teach myself how to fly one with grace and style, but first I need to crash, a lot…and apparently to read the manual. And not just the drone’s manual, but Federal Aviation Administration manuals too.

Which is of course why I am procrastinating and writing this blog. Over the next month or so I’ll be flying and reading and re-reading the FAA manuals to become a licensed drone pilot. I’ll be recording my flights and learning more about how to get the best shots for my clients. It’s a new service I’ll be offering myself soon, but in the meantime if there’s a shot to be had using a drone I have team members lined up and ready to fly.

Right now, I’ve got to find a nice, open grassy field with no dogs allowed. (They tend to chew up errant mini-drones.)


















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