Make Every Second Count In Your Video

Picture Start copy

Picture Start marks the beginning of a film leader before the ten second countdown that signifies the start of the movie.

A five-minute video is a rarity in our attention deficient disordered age.

Even a three-minute video is too long for many viewers.

Now a minute-twenty is plenty.


Now, more than ever, every shot must carry more weight of the story you’d like to tell. That’s why you need to share as much as possible about your company, product, or service with me. The more you share the more story can be packed into every second of your video.


Seven Things I Want to Know Before The Camera Rolls


There’s a form used by ad agencies and production companies called a “creative brief”, but like any form it is often filled out in a perfunctory manner and not used to its full advantage. That’s why I use the  “walk and talkcreative briefing to understand your project better.

A walk and talk creative briefing is back and forth conversation done in person – not seated in a conference room. The following questions are answered, in any order, often more than once, as we drill down into the specific, and they vary by project and client:



What is the product or service?

What is the opportunity? Competitors?

Do you have research, reports or people to consult?



What is the video you envision?

Is the video part of a larger campaign?

How much weight does this video carry in the campaign?



Where is the video going to play? – online, at an event, meeting?

Who will be watching the video?

What do they think of us?

What do they care about?

What do you want them to do?



Who is writing the script?

Mandatory information?

What is the one takeaway message?

What other messages do you hope to communicate?

Voice over/interviews or combination to provide narration?

Musical style that reinforces message?


Look and Feel

How would you describe the look and feel?

What feelings and actions are you trying to evoke?

Do you have example videos to share?

Are we developing new graphics/logos or picking up existing ones?


Most Important Details

List of deliverables?

Limitations and restrictions?

Timeline, schedule, budget?

What is the payment schedule and paperwork/contract needed?


Team Members

Who are the team members?

Who are we reporting to?

Who exactly is approving this work?


Oh, I admit it: when I get to the nearest coffee shop I fill out my own creative brief after a walk and talk. It gives me a chance to let the coffee focus my thoughts about the project as a whole. If you’d like to schedule your own “walk and talk” with me or have a copy of my creative brief sent to you, drop me a line. It’s a great way to get your creative juices flowing on your next video project.

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